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Betsy is a NextGen Certified Professional who has been with eMedApps over 9 years. She is an EPM implementation specialist with a strong revenue cycle management background. She has helped multiple organizations with her powerful analytical skills to identify process issues and implement improvements among a complex payer and specialty mix.

Importing Claim Response Files in NextGen

Are you importing your claim response files? When you send your claim files through your clearinghouse, you should be receiving two ANSI EDI file types with responses that can be imported into NextGen. Importing these files will give visual indicators to your billing team and allow for reporting. Let’s discuss the life cycle of the [...]

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CDC releases new ICD-10 Codes effective 01/01/2021

In an effort to capture more information related to COVID-19 the CDC has issued six new ICD 10 codes effective 01/01/2021. Communicate these codes to your Providers and be sure your EHR and billing system can accommodate these codes. Encounter for screening for COVID-19 Z11.52 Contact with and (suspect) exposure to COVID-19 Z20.822 Personal history [...]

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Telehealth - Virtual Check In and E-Visits: Know the Differences? Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert As a nation we are facing a new chapter in treating patients and we must look at alternative ways healthcare can be delivered to best serve communities during this evolving time. With the safety and health of patients at the highest [...]

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VIS Immunization Update

The CDC has released its most recent updates to the Vaccine Information Statements that are used within your EHR application. We urge you to download the most recent VIS information sheets so that the most up-to-date statements are being distributed to patients. Forms can be manually downloaded from the following website under the Non-routine section: [...]

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Medicare and Medicaid issue new Medicare cards

In a move to combat identity theft, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services is issuing new Medicare cards that no longer include Social Security numbers. The new 11-character Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) will be made up of numbers and uppercase letters. Starting in April 2018, new Medicare cards will be mailed based on geographic [...]

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