Patient Enrollment Manager for Nextgen Enterprise

Integrate and Use Enrollment Files from Payers – Smarter, Faster, and Easier 

If you receive membership rosters or enrollment files from payers and struggle with the manual processing of those files, then this solution is for you. Enrollment Manager automates the steps for you, processing the enrollment files you receive, adding the new patients into NextGen Enterprise as appropriate, and tracking the outreach efforts and appointments. We’ve made the process smarter, faster, and easier for you.

Automate your existing manual file process with Enrollment Manager

Automatically processes incoming roster/enrollment files

  • Files are processed by the CareBridge engine with the ability to create globes, charts, and update patient status and enterprise user defined fields within the NextGen Enterprise application

Manages duplicates and changes to patients already in the system

  • If a new membership file includes members that have already been processed, they are updated in the system

Processing panels allow you to work with enrollment membership on a day-to-day basis

  • Work with members according to your rules, assign tasks, record calls, mailings, and more

Automatically tracks outreach activities and scheduled and kept appointments

  • The platform looks at the outreach activities so you can manage the process

View, manage, and report against enrollment data and activities for roster members

  • Track progress and status with reporting capabilities

Enrollment Manager is integrated with NextGen Enterprise and can feed into other population management systems as well as patient engagement and outreach solutions.

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