Rise of ER “Frequent Flyers”

Rise of ER Frequent Flyers Infographic

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The Rise of ER “Frequent Flyers”

  • Up to 50% of national Emergency Room visits are non-urgent.
  • Problem: Repeated ER Use
    • Hospital capacity and resource constraints
    • $32 Billion/year wasted on inappropriate ER use
    • Treatment by Primary Care is 1/5 to 1/2 of ER cost
    • Cost-per-patient for frequent ER users is 15X higher than average
  • Solution: Routine Electronic Notification
    • Electronic Communication Around Transitions of Care: ER to PCP Communication Rates
    • Percent of U.S. hospitals that routinely notify Primary Care Physicians when patients enter the ER.
      • Routinely Notifies: 56%
      • Routinely Notifies Inside and Outside System: 27%
      • Routinely Notifies Only Inside System: 27%
      • Routinely Notifies Only Outside System: 2%
  • Sources:
    • A Report on Frequent Users of Hospital Emergency Departments in South Carolina, South Caroline Public Health Institute, February 2011
    • HealthIT.gov