Top 5 EHR Challenges

Top 5 EHR Challenges

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Top 5 EHR Challenges – How Will Your Practice Solve Them?

Communication, workflow, regulations and mobile support continue to rank as top challenges facing healthcare teams today.
Nearly 75% of care delivery organizations have deployed an EHR, but only about 23% have information exchange capabilities enabling patient record capture, reference and exchange.

1. Clinical Workflow and Support for Clinical Mobility
Mobile device adoption continues to expand, but tight integration with clinical workflow challenges providers and their IT teams.

2. Regulatory Requirements Adherence and Attestation
A survey of practices found a significant gap exists between deployment of the EHR and compliant use, management, access and sharing of the patient data stored on the EHR.

3. Transitioning to a Value-Based Compensation Model
Measuring value, transitioning to new contracts and having the people and technology in place to enable this new model are all challenges.

4. Communication Between Patients and Providers
Better doctor-patient communication leads to better healing. Consider these statistics when meeting with your patients in order to optimize your care.

5. Care Community Communication
A growing community of care will need to have a more consistent conversation across practitioners to ensure that the patient is in the center of care.

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