Hospital Data Management Solutions

Hospital Data Management Solutions

Our top products and services are packaged in our Care Connectivity Platform, including our CareBridge™ interface engine and CareFinity™ business continuity and archiving solution.

Hospitals are challenged to integrate with the different IT systems used by various clinics, health centers, and offices distributed across their enterprise to effectively manage patient data. As the trend of healthcare expansions and acquisitions continues, it is even more critical for hospitals to collaborate with disparate IT systems in a continual exchange of patient care information.

Hospitals and health systems also require advanced business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to ensure constant access to patient information and schedules in the event of downtime or outages, regardless of location, time, or device.

Closing the Technology Gap

eMedApps makes it possible for growing hospitals and health systems to perform data migrations and system integrations during transitions of ownership and expansions of partnerships.

As hospitals expand to own, operate, and associate with other clinics and specialists, CIOs need to bridge the gap between disparate, proprietary systems employed at each facility so all systems work in concert.

Our Care Connectivity Platform™ integrates and migrates disparate EHRs and health IT systems, facilitating secure data sharing between hospitals and clinics. Clinicians throughout the connected enterprise have access to the same updated patient data, lab results, images, and documents, creating a unified view of the patient for enhanced clinical outcomes.

Access Patient Data Anytime, Anywhere

Our business continuity and hospital interface engine services ensure clinicians across the enterprise have 24/7 remote and mobile access to all patient information so quality of care and clinician productivity do not suffer in the event of downtime.

If one clinic experiences a planned or unplanned outage, clinicians can access schedules and clinical data that are stored on-site at a central location, at one of your other locations or data centers, or off-site at our secure, HIPAA-compliant data centers using our CareFinity™ business continuity application.

Save Money on Archiving

Our CareFinity solution also provides the ability to view clinical data as an archive, allowing old EHR systems to be effectively “turned off” and ending the ongoing support and maintenance fees associated with the EHR that is no longer used.

Provide Support for Your Owned and Associated Ambulatory Clinics

Providing support for ambulatory clinics on disparate EHR systems is a challenge for every hospital CIO. How do you provide support for several EHR systems without maintaining a huge staff?

eMedApps offers support services that can relieve the stress on your staff and allow them to focus on your hospital systems. We can provide the support services for your ambulatory clinics, including help desk services, to keep your clinic running smoothly and your clinicians happy.