Solutions for CIOs and Health IT Professionals

CIOs and Healthcare IT professionals face many challenges when optimizing technology and personnel resources to meet business goals. IT strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, disparate health IT systems, downtime events, server maintenance, tight deadlines, changing regulations, and limited internal IT resources are just a few of the issues you encounter every day. eMedApps has a range of solutions to address your concerns and help optimize your technology and staff.

Strategic Planning

Creating an IT plan to meet strategic business goals is a regular duty for CIOs and IT professionals. Smart professionals leverage experience from others in order to avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and achieve goals with limited budgets. eMedApps has assisted many groups with developing and adding to IT strategic and tactical plans. Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with healthcare organizations from all across the country and we can share that experience with you.  Nobody knows it all and we can pull in resources from our large team of experienced staff to help you create and execute a plan that will make keep your executive team and board happy.

EHR Downtime Solutions

“The system is down” One of the worst things you can hear as a CIO. Our CareFinity EHR Downtime and Archiving solution can make it easier for you to sleep at night. With  CareFinity users can view charts, schedules, financial data and even document visits when the EHR system is unavailable. Great for planned downtime too!  Get more details here.

EHR Archiving

If you have the need to retain clinical and financial records with the ability to view those records, track access, and print or copy for Release of Information needs, then CareFinity Archive is the solution for you. Able to work with virtually any EHR system, CareFinity is simple to use, secure and budget friendly. See more here.


eMedApps can host your entire IT environment or just select applications like EHR/PM.  We have been hosting since 2000. We only work with healthcare organizations so we know your industry, unlike generic hosting companies.  Find out more about our hosting solutions here.

Data Conversion

When you need to convert data from system to system eMedApps can make it easy for you.  Our team uses tools we’ve developed to make the process easier.  We can also use our CareBridge Interface Engine to facilitate the conversion depending on the source and destination systems. Find out more about our data conversion services here.


Interoperability and Interfacing

Chief Information Officers, IT Directors, and IT support technicians across healthcare enterprises are seeking solutions to connect disparate healthcare technologies, increase communication efficiency, and improve data accuracy to enhance patient outcomes. Our CareBridge Interface engine can  help you achieve your interoperability goals, today and in the future. Find out more here

HIT Network and Hardware Support

Slow systems make providers and patients unhappy. We have helped hundreds of clients design, configure, implement, and support the infrastructure that is relied on every minute of every day. Our team is called on to diagnose performance issues and find ways to make networks faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Find out more here.

Whether your clinic is large or small, whether you have an HIT staff of 1 or 100, we can help you make your providers and patients happier.

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