CareFinity® for athenaPractice

athenaPractice™ Downtime
& Archiving Solution

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Every healthcare organization needs a comprehensive business continuity plan. Relying on paper during unplanned outages from severe weather, software transitions, or network downtime is not a safe and secure option. It’s nearly impossible to run a clinic or health system with no access to patient records, schedules, documents, images, and notes. Even planned outages, upgrades, and conversions require access to a comprehensive patient record.

An efficient business continuity solution will save your healthcare organization from the lost revenue and damaged reputation caused by short-term EHR and health IT system outages.

Keep Your Practice Running

Our CareFinity® business continuity solution syncs a copy of pertinent patient data and schedules every 15 minutes ensuring accurate, up-to-date patient records and schedules are available anytime, whether your athenaPractice EMR is available or not.

Unlike some other PDF/Print-based solutions on the market, CareFinity® is a versatile application that brings the data to your fingertips and allows you to document your visit without resorting to paper. Our browser-based application allows clinicians, schedulers, and administrative staff to securely access stored patient information from any device – including mobile devices – whenever and wherever they need it.

How CareFinity® Works

Every 15 to 30 minutes, CareFinity® copies all changes made to patient data in your athenaPractice EMR to one or more “clone” servers. If the athenaPractice EMR is unavailable, users simply click on the CareFinity® icon from their desktop or mobile device, log in, and view their current appointment schedule or patient search screen.

Simply choose a patient from the schedule or search for the desired patient and CareFinity® will deliver all the data, images, results, notes, and documents you need.

Document Your Visits With CareFinity® While the EHR Is Down

With CareFinity®, you can document your visit in real-time and the system will put the note back into the patient’s chart in the athenaPractice EMR when it becomes available.

CareFinity® for Groups with One Location

Patient data is copied from the athenaPractice EMR to CareFinity® every 15-30 minutes. CareFinity® copies can be located at your main site or hosted off-site at our data center. Users access patient information using the CareFinity® icon on their desktop, or through their mobile device. The application is always up and ready to use so you can continue to see patients with their entire chart history at your fingertips.

CareFinity® with Remote Locations or Hosted athenaPractice EMR Application

CareFinity® can be installed at select remote locations. If the connection to the main EMR is lost, remote clinics can access their local CareFinity® copy. This configuration also works well for hosted EMRs. If your Internet connection to the athenaPractice EMR goes down, you can access your local CareFinity® copy and continue to see patients.

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians

Our athenaPractice EMR business continuity solution is intuitive and easy to learn. No in-depth training is necessary for clinicians. And for your IT team, the overhead on the system is minimal, so there are no performance issues to worry about.

Providers love our user-centric features, comprehensive Patient Dashboard™, search functionality, convenient click-to-call patient contact technology, views of the inbox and task lists, and easy-to-navigate design.

Flexible Configuration to Solve Your Unique Downtime Worries

Each clinic has its own downtime concerns. If your athenaPractice EMR is hosted by a third party, you may be concerned about your Internet connection. If your athenaPractice EMR is housed in your own data center, then hardware failure or natural disasters may worry you. If you have multiple locations, you may be worried about outages when your main athenaPractice EMR site is unreachable.

Our CareFinity® solution can be configured to handle all these concerns and any others you may have. We will work with you to configure the best solution for your unique needs.

Multiple Ways to Secure Your Data with CareFinity®

Single Clone Server

Perfect if you have one location

  • Real-time athenaPractice EMR backup synced every 15 minutes and stored at the main clinic, at another location, or hosted at one of our secure, HIPAA-compliant data centers

  • Remote access for other locations
  • Access via any smart device or desktop

Multiple Clone Servers

Perfect if you have multiple locations

  • Real-time athenaPractice EMR backup synced every 15 minutes and stored on multiple servers that can be housed at one or more of your care delivery locations

  • Access via any smart device or desktop

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