HIE Data Integration

Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs) are fueled by accurate, updated patient data that is shared with connected providers, facilities, and payors. eMedApps’ HIE interface engine delivers consolidated, unified patient data directly from a health delivery organization’s EHR and other health IT systems to populate the HIE.

We Get the Data So You Don’t Have To

HIEs rely on eMedApps’ continuous stream of real-time patient data to populate their systems. Instead of gathering information from each independent participating facility, eMedApps allows HIEs to receive all patient data directly from our CareBridge™ software.

Ensure demographics and clinical information such as lab results, clinical summaries, medication lists, images, and other mission-critical patient data from disparate locations are available to participating clinicians and health systems when they need it. Providers save time and save lives with quick access to comprehensive patient information.

Keep Your HIE Connected

Many HIEs rely on federal and state grants to fund their operations. Our ONC-ACB certified HIE data integration engine significantly increases the amount of patient data available to HIEs while lowering the costs and reducing time to receive the data.

Whether your HIE is member-funded or relies on grants and investments, establishing a vast repository of real-time patient data will help your HIE stand out to investors, payors, and government agencies.

CareBridge Supplies HIEs:

  • Any data in any format
  • Automatic, event-based patient data routing
  • Continual access to a connected network of facilities and providers
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant data transfer
  • Vendor-agnostic access to data regardless of source or format
  • Normalized and standardized data sets