Wearable Technology Set to Drive EHR Growth Through 2020

Wearable Tech and EHR Growth Infographic

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Wearable Technology Set to Drive EHR Growth Through 2020

The global market for Wearable Medical Devices is projected to reach US $11.18 billion by 2020 with unit shipments reaching a 35% CAGR. A key driver is the launch of innovative health management devices.

Deep Brain Stimulators
Projected to reach $901 million by 2020

Patient Monitoring Devices
$25 million by 2020 driven by sleep apnea monitoring growth

Smart Clothing/Textiles 
$2 billion by 2018

Mobile Devices
In the next 3 years, mobile devices on earth will double to 40 billion

Bionic Implants
$17.82 billion global market by 2017

Glasses & Smart Contact Lenses
Smart lenses set to drive 7% global lens growth to 1.1 billion with 100M people wearing smart glasses by 2020

ECG Monitors
Global cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm management worth $27 billion by 2020

Implantable Medical Devices
ICDs: $43 billion by 2020
Insulin delivery pumps: $10.2 billion by 2020
Glucose monitors: $12.1 billion by 2020

Smart Watches & Activity Trackers
$2.8 billion by 2019

80% of wearable owners say the wearable has positively impacted their health

73% say accuracy in wearable technology will one day be able to directly affect your health

74% who don’t own a wearable would consider using one if accuracy in wearables was able to help them better manage their health


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